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    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    It was in the dark night without any stars appeared; Cleo sat on the chair with holding a hand phone while waiting for a text from her secret admirer, in the veranda of her house. Cleo was a girlfriend of someone who knew her unilaterally and that relationship was a long distance love story between Jogja and Kendari through chatting with SMS.
    A few minutes after she sat, there was a text coming from her secret admirer that said, “would you like to be my wife?” She was really shock at that time and then, she replied “Are you kidding me? I’ve never seen you directly, I didn’t know you well, and what about our family?”. Not long after she sent it, her Hp was ringing; there was a text replied by the Secret admirer, “I think my picture is clear and our parents are agree with us. Did you remember? There was a couple from Jogja stayed a night in your house a week ago and one of them gave you my picture? Honestly, your perception was right at that time, they are my parents. I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you the truth, because I want that my parents would see you naturally. By the way, a ring which has my name in there will come tomorrow. I hope you will receive it”. That text was bringing lots shock than before, she kept silent for a while, thinking, and consider many things. After that, she sent a text for the Secret admirer “I don’t want your ring. I want you come here”.

    The following afternoon, the secret admirer and his parents came to Cleo house and asked for her in marriage formally.

    tu dia si Cleo lagi ma'em...mmm..uenyak..uenyak
    yg lagi puasa jangan ngiler yeee...

    (dok: buka pwsa brsama ji)

     -when are you coming back? ;

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    hullo...imoet... i don't know what should i talk about n' actually nothing special 2day.. but, wattaaaa!!! I have a bad experience just now... I just sent a wrong card to my dad..i sent him happy valentines' day..Gosh...it should be H4pPy BiRtHdAY !!! thats all b'coz of Niar cs (ups..sorry) they suddenly come n take a seat beside me...it's disturbing my concentrate..actually, I want to write more..I want to write a story...but..lagi2 si Niar datang menggangguq (kacianx mi u Niar jd korban ktidak berdayaanq)...just wait aja storyx ok!! I-4JJI kalo gak banyak tu9as dari dosen q nulis deh!!! and of course without niar beside me....hehehe...

     -when are you coming back? ;